The SmartCells Solution: How to Successfully Manage Increased Holiday Demand

The holidays are in full swing now and that means companies are pulling out all the stops to keep up with demand in the digital shopping age.

In fact, thanks to the growing popularity of online shopping, a recent study estimates that people will spend nearly $44 billion shopping for the holidays on Amazon alone. Further, it is estimated that the USPS, UPS and FedEx will deliver a total of over 2 billion packages this season. 

Beyond hiring new personnel, forward-thinking companies such as Amazon are looking to SmartCells Cushioning Technology to keep their workforce injury-free and productive during the holidays.

Keep reading to learn how SmartCells Cushioning Technology helps Amazon, and how it could help your company, keep employees injury-free and productive during the holidays and beyond.

The SmartCells Solution

Through years of careful development based on valid third-party research, the unique SmartCells™ cushioning technology has been ergonomically engineered to resist bottoming out without being too soft, providing an optimized balance of stability and instability.

This advanced cushioning technology consists of a rubber surface layer supported by a matrix of rubber columns that compress and respond to surface pressure to provide maximum fatigue relief.

SmartCells Anti-fatigue technology is available in pre-sized mats for single workstations or as a custom flooring solution designed to meet the needs of your specific environment.

Do more for your workforce with SmartCells ergonomically engineered mats, flooring, and insoles.

SmartCells: Solutions to Life’s Painful Problems.