How and Why Seniors Should Be Exercising More

Keeping fit has always been the best way for your mind and body to stay healthy. However, it gets harder later in life to stay on a strict training regime, and so people usually slack off. It doesn’t have to be this way, and there are many ways you can avoid it, even as a senior. You just need to understand the best way to do it. With a little help, it’s easy to become more active and increase your quality of life, from being able to move with more ease, to completing grocery shopping without being winded. It’s small things like this that can bring back your independence and have the biggest impact on your life.

When people think they have to do something, many encounter a mental block. They have to do a certain amount of exercise, or they have to achieve the goals of others. That’s just the wrong mindset that people often become caught up in. You don’t have anything to prove to anyone but yourself. If you find that you reach your personal limit, then so be it. With more training you will surpass it with ease. This is why people lose focus and hope. They believe that if they aren’t the best, then they are losers.

There are ways to keep you focused, and having a workout partner is one of them. If you go to the gym with a buddy then this can significantly help to keep your focus and motivation rolling during workouts.

Health Benefits
Exercise will also help to keep your body stronger, for longer. Exercising muscles, such as your heart, will keep it healthy and can reduce your likelihood of developing severe health conditions and diseases. This happens by boosting your body’s good cholesterol while decreasing triglycerides, which are unhealthy. Arthritis and strokes can also be prevented with regular exercise. As well as this, you’ll lose weight, and your energy levels will be improved, along with your endurance because our cardiovascular systems become more efficient with exercise.

Working out helps to release endorphins from the pituitary gland in the brain. These chemicals have a positive effect on the body, allowing you to feel happier in general, and also suppress pain. This also means that you will reap the benefits of exercise for a longer time, and then create a positive circle around you, wherein you’ll produce more endorphins to keep exercising – and the cycle continues.

By Jess Walter, Freelance Writer