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About Us

We believe our products can change people's lives

Life Shouldn't Hurt™

Since 1988, SATECH, inc. has been manufacturing SmartCells® Cushioning Technology and has been instrumental in the creation of safer work and play surfaces. Over time our objectives have become more specialized as we’ve expanded into a variety of custom applications where SmartCells® technology can be tailored to best meet the needs of different industries. However, our mission has remained the same: improve people’s lives by helping to reduce pain, increase performance, and prevent injuries.


Establishing Fall
Protection Standards

In the late 80s, we led the effort to establish standards for fall protection in playgrounds. Early patent protection for the SmartCells structure included a wide variety of surfaces such as helicopter landing pads, sports surfacing, and playground cushioning.

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The 90s

New Products.
Innovative Leadership.

During the 1990s we focused on improving the safety and performance of athletes. We led efforts to incorporate post-consumer waste and recycled rubber in the fabrication of our products. Our innovation efforts garnered broad media attention including a CNN documentary and a feature article in National Geographic.

THE 2000s

Reducing Standing
Pain and Fall Risks

During the 2000s, we created Anti-Fatigue mats and flooring to reduce standing pain for workers. We also introduced bedside fall protection mats and flooring for senior living environments. Our technology was chosen for a world-class clinical trial for compliant flooring in assisted living facilities.

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2010 - 2014

Expansion and High
End Outcomes

Recognizing that there was a need for athlete protection, we expanded the reaches of our SmartCells® Technology into training and athletics. For example, we tested and developed a line of volleyball drill mats that have provided hard surface impact protection for many Division I volleyball teams, including multiple NCAA championship teams.

2015 - TODAY

SmartCells Under Everyone’s Feet

Most recently, the acquisition of Fastech Labs has allowed us to bring our legendary cushioning technology beyond mats and flooring, and into the custom orthotic world. This then led to the development of a new line of prefab insole products called ZELUS, which blends the very best in cushioning technology from the industrial world with the very best of custom orthotic design from the athletic world, in an over-the-counter product.


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Our Values

Our belief is that “Life Shouldn’t Hurt.” We strive everyday to create products to make that sentiment a reality. Given that physical activity is central to being human, it’s an audacious goal, one that we’re both challenged and excited by. As we continue to innovate and expand the positive impact of SmartCells® technology, we always remember our core values.

Always act
with integrity

Treat every person with courtesy and respect

Deliver outstanding value every time

Turn errors into excellence

Strive to improve every day

Smile at yourself and others

Why SmartCells?


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