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Fall Protection Solutions

Falls happen. Injuries don't have to.

Falls are common. They happen frequently.

Statistics show that 25% of Americans over the age of 65 fall every year. Every 11 seconds an older adult is treated in the emergency room for a fall. Every 19 minutes an older adult dies from a fall. These statistics seem grim, but there’s a solution. The key is to think ahead and be proactive. That’s why we engineered SmartCells® fall protection mats and flooring.

Avoid Financial and Emotional Damage

According to research, not only do fall-related expenses total more than $50 billion annually, but most people who fall develop a fear of it happening again. This cognitive strain greatly impacts their mobility and independence. It also increases the risk of recurrent falls.


Gain Independence and Peace of Mind

Vulnerable people should have the assurance that they’ll be protected in the event of a fall. Confidence is the single best way to avoid falling in the first place. We believe in strengthening a person’s natural gait and mobility by giving them the confidence to live their lives.

Engineered for Mobility

Seamless Support for Those in Your Care

Manufactured from durable rubber and engineered based on valid, time-tested research, SmartCells Fall Protection solutions effectively reduce injuries from falls. The key is a stable supportive surface that doesn’t impair balance, walking, or common rolling loads.

Suited for Every Environment

Customizable Solutions for Any Setting

We understand that everyone’s situation is unique. SmartCells Fall Protection systems are available in pre-sized mats, wall-to-wall flooring, and custom applications to best meet the needs of the environment. Our solutions are constructed of 100% rubber, which means that they will not absorb liquids, effectively reducing the risk of infection and contamination.


Let us help you find the right solution

Not sure where to start? Our customer support team is happy to help you find the right solution.

How SmartCells Work:

1. Stable Support: Optimized for Human Performance

SmartCells® Fall Protection technology has a “resting state” – much like a non-compressed spring – with a natural, supportive, upright force that does not impair balance or mobility.

2. Cushion on Impact: The More Force, the Softer it Becomes

SmartCells® Fall Protection Products compress and absorb pressure/impact energy from standing, weight-shifting, walking, or from the impact of a fall. After reaching a “critical threshold” the cellular structures soften and collapse laterally, without bottoming out.

3. Return Energy: In Phase with your Natural Movement

Like miniature springs, SmartCells® Fall Protection floor mats and products store impact energy until pressure is reduced or eliminated. The SmartCells® resilient rubber material and structure work “in-phase” with body movements to actively rebound, relieving joint aches and pains..


Fall Protection Applications

We pride ourselves on versatility. While you might not be able to change the structural foundations of your home or facility, we can help you install forgiving, customizable flooring surfaces that protect the people inside.

Long Term Care

Make large areas in your facility safe and secure. Our fall protection flooring can be installed throughout bedrooms, bathrooms, or common areas, protecting those you care for everywhere they go.

Residential / Aging in Place

Install fall protection mats easily in your home. Protect your loved ones and gain peace of mind that they can live their lives more independently.

Common Play Areas

Protect children where they play. SmartCells work well at commercial properties. From hospitals to fast food restaurants to airports, we’ll help you reduce injuries and liabilities.

Safe Rooms / Healthcare

SmartCells Fall Protection flooring can be installed in dedicated special-purpose rooms to protect patients from injury while allowing your facility to provide uninhibited care.

Our Solution

SmartCells Fall Protection flooring solutions provide a cushioned but stable surface that absorbs up to 90% of impact forces in the event of a fall. This drastically reduces the chance of serious injuries. From cushioned flooring to fall protection mats, SmartCells are designed to provide confidence and protection.

SmartCells prevent fall-related injuries by off-loading 90% of impact forces


SmartCells products will not impair balance or gait, and they reduce the fear of falling


SmartCells products are easy to clean, support rolling loads, and reduce standing fatigue

Easy to Install and Maintain

SmartCells can be installed as a standalone system or a cushioned subfloor. Virtually indistinguishable from regular flooring, they can be custom-fit to any space for complete wall-to-wall coverage. The flooring is “edge-bound” which creates a continuous non-trip surface. Not only will those in your care avoid injuries, but the flooring is engineered to reduce the fatigue of caretakers as well.

Our mats are made of one solid piece of molded rubber. This creates a seamless, non-porous surface. In a setting where everyday spills are commonplace, an easily cleaned solution is essential.

SmartCells Fall Protection Products

We offer several flooring and mat products designed to keep you, your employees, and those you care for safe. Our Fall Protection products are a great addition to any senior living, healthcare, or residential setting.
Bedside Fall Mats

SmartCells bedside fall protection mats are designed to reduce fall injuries next to the
bed, the most frequent location where falls occur.

Custom Modular Fall Mats

The SmartCells 3’x3’ modular fall protection tiles can be configured into connectable sections to cover specific areas around beds and furniture to reduce fall injuries.

Wall-to-Wall Solutions

The 3’ x 3’ SmartCells tile is an underlayment cushion for wall-to-wall flooring solutions. It features squared edges to provide a smooth surface for continuous flooring.

Why SmartCells?

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Built with high quality materials, engineered for comfort and support.

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