Customized Mats for Any Setting

Our mats can fit any setting or environment. Regardless of your unique needs – hazardous workplaces, the wear and tear of an athletic facility, your own home – our mats can handle it.

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Designed to Last

Backed by time-tested scientific research, our mats hold up. With an 8-year warranty, the molding and mat material give you a solution that outlasts the competition.

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Technology for Injury Prevention

With patented cushioning technology, SmartCells help to reduce pain, increase performance, and prevent injuries. The end goal? To be preemptive and ensure that life doesn’t hurt.

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Patented Cushioning Technology

At SmartCells, we believe Life Shouldn't Hurt™ and it is our mission to improve people's lives by reducing pain, increasing performance, and preventing injuries.

When They’re in Pain, People are Less Productive.

Workers, athletes, and everyday people share a common challenge: the unavoidable impact that comes from Earth’s gravitational pull, also known as Ground Reaction Force (GRF). Contact with the ground occurs repeatedly and as GRFs accumulate, so do injuries and their costs. Fortunately, well-designed products and lifestyle interventions to offload GRFs are successful. That’s where SmartCells comes in.

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Reduce Pain

Impact shock absorption decreases GRFs, reducing pain. With cutting-edge cushioning technology, SmartCells minimize damage to soft tissue, connective tissue, and bone structure.

Increase Performance

Pain and injury cause us to tweak our normal biomechanics, changing the way we move. SmartCells are optimized for maximum cushioning stability, allowing you to move naturally.

Prevent Injuries

It’s all about protection. GRFs interfere with performance, productivity, and safe environments. Safeguarding against GRFs before they take effect decreases damage and improves health.

How SmartCells Works

Stable Support: Optimized for Human Performance

SmartCells® Anti-Fatigue Mat technology products have a “resting state” – much like a non-compressed spring – with a natural, supportive, upright force that provides a compressible, soft surface that is also stable and supportive.

Cushion on Impact: The More Force, the Softer it Becomes

SmartCells® Anti-Fatigue Products compress and absorb pressure/impact energy from standing, weight-shifting, walking, or from the impact of a fall. After reaching a “critical threshold” the cellular structures soften and collapse laterally, without bottoming out.

Return Energy: In Phase with your Natural Movement

Like miniature springs, SmartCells® Anti-Fatigue floor mats and products store impact energy until pressure is reduced or eliminated. The SmartCells® resilient rubber material and structure work “in-phase” with body movements to actively rebound, releasing their stored energy back into the body.

Customization is Our Game

With SmartCells, you don't have to reorganize your space. Our strength is creating custom solutions that fit your unique needs. Whatever your space looks like, we'll create an edge-to-edge, wall-to-wall solution that protects you and your people.

Whatever your needs, SmartCells can handle them.

SmartCells can be used in almost any industry vertical, from airports to pharmacies, from military facilities to industrial complexes. Have an idea we’ve never tackled before? Our product experts look forward to helping you design an innovative solution.

Scientific Design. Ergonomic Engineering.

Each design decision is made based on time-tested scientific research. With grease resistant, anti-microbial, electrostatic dissipating, and standard options, the formulation of our mats can be engineered for any use case.
Design & Materials

Suitable for Any Environment

The rubber structure has been optimized for human performance and reacts the exact opposite of foam and gel. Where foam becomes harder as it is compressed, SmartCells become softer as they are compressed.

As the stable surface of SmartCells receives increasing pressure or force, the walls of its cellular structures soften and collapse.

Safe, Responsive, Durable

Optimized for just the right softness
Provides energizing response to worker movements
Resists warping, bunching, and creeping
Encourages appropriate blood flow in the lower legs
Balances shock absorption and resilience
Easy to clean surface
Resists bottoming-out
Gets softer as compressed
Durable structure and edges

Optimized Solutions. Lasting Quality.

Our mats are scientifically designed to promote health and longevity, and they're designed to last, backed by an 8-year warranty. Molded into one solid piece of rubber, there's no risk of buckling and curling.
Quality & Durability

See the SmartCells Difference

Drain-thru, foam, and gel mats share the same problem: while they might offer some prevention, they don’t check all the boxes. SmartCells does.

SmartCells mats are also backed by an 8-Year warranty, eliminating the need for annual mat replacement costs and hassle.

Why are SmartCells Better?

There are hundreds of anti-fatigue mat options. But many of them lack quality across the board. SmartCells offers customers a premium solution: holistic quality, with every aspect of the mat thoughtfully designed.

SmartCells Foam Gel
Optimized for Standing
Stable & Supportive
Resists Bottoming Out
Softer as Compressed
Rebounds to Return Energy
  • Optimized for Standing
  • Stable & Supportive
  • Resists Bottoming Out
  • Softer as Compressed
  • Rebounds to Return Energy
  • Optimized for Standing
  • Stable & Supportive
  • Resists Bottoming Out
  • Softer as Compressed
  • Rebounds to Return Energy
  • Optimized for Standing
  • Stable & Supportive
  • Resists Bottoming Out
  • Softer as Compressed
  • Rebounds to Return Energy