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A Year of COVID: The SmartCells Pandemic Journey

Just over a year ago, the world as we knew it changed completely as a result of COVID-19.

Even in the beginning, with all of the unknowns, SmartCells knew one thing for sure. Our mission, to improve people’s lives by helping to reduce pain, increase performance, and prevent injuries was more important than ever.

As the world turned upside down, the SmartCells team buckled in for the ride. You see, we Believe that Life Shouldn’t Hurt, and we knew that the long hours first responders spent on their feet were not only painful, the fatigue could potentially be dangerous.

We quickly mobilized a campaign to provide free Anti-Fatigue Mats to first responders all around the nation. This effort resulted in SmartCells donating more than 600 anti-fatigue mats to over 100 healthcare and first responder organizations. 

Being deemed an essential service, we remained open to provide continuous support for first responders and other essential businesses. 

You may be wondering, why is a flooring company considered an essential service?

The answer is simple, SmartCells is more than just flooring. Our patented cushioning solutions that provide essential musculoskeletal relief and comfort while reducing the risk of injuries for standing workers are used in several healthcare and government agencies worldwide.

As COVID restrictions eased and the world was itching to get back to some semblance of normal, SmartCells knew that once again, we were uniquely positioned to help companies protect their standing workforce as they transitioned back to daily operations.

This realization spurred the creation of SmartCells SafeSpace Solutions.

Engineered to enhance workforce safety, SmartCells SafeSpace Solutions are designed following the Center for Disease Control distancing guidelines making it easier for organizations to safely navigate new work standards by providing defined and properly spaced worker stations.

SmartCells SafeSpace Solutions, available as Runners or Custom Flooring, are constructed by alternating the color of the SmartCells to create defined work areas of virtually any shape and size that are properly spaced.

Available in 2’ or 3’ wide options, SafeSpace Runners are configured to any length and are constructed of connectable sections that incorporate the desired workstation size separated by 6’ distancing buffers.

For custom modular workstations or wall-to-wall applications, SafeSpace Custom flooring is easily installed and incorporates personal workstations separated by distancing buffers.

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SmartCells: Solutions for Life’s Painful Problems.

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