SmartCells: The Key to Success in an Expanding Healthcare Industry

The baby boomers are changing history yet again.

According to a recent report released by the US Census Bureau, in 12 years all the baby boomers will be over the age of 65, and for the first time in US history seniors will outnumber children.

While studies have shown that an aging population does come with some benefits, it also provides many challenges. Including, a significantly increased burden on the healthcare industry.

The increase in elderly patients provides a variety of challenges including the need for more employees, longer shift hours, and increased workplace risks.

Facing these challenges, forward thinking healthcare organizations realize the key to success in an expanding healthcare industry is a focus on workplace safety and ergonomics.

This is where SmartCells products can provide a solution.

SmartCells anti-fatigue products are engineered to provide optimal levels of comfort for standing workers, like healthcare employees. The optimized design of SmartCells offer a stable surface over cylindrical cells which soften under impact and resist bottoming out, this creates the perfect balance for maximum comfort all day

The SmartCells are spring-like, in that they cushion as weight is applied, then rebound when the weight shifts, which returns energy and reduces fatigue.

In addition to our unique cushioning technology, thanks to their rubber-based formulation, SmartCells mats will not absorb liquid and are easy to clean which allows for a better infection control processes.

The SmartCells line of anti-fatigue mats come with an industry-leading 8-year warranty and are available in three surface options, three colors, and three standard sizes to best meet the needs of each healthcare facility. Click here to view our options.

Want to keep your surgeons and other surgery room professionals comfortable during long hours in surgery?

We also offer a line of autoclave safe surgical anti-fatigue mats and ergonomic step stools that incorporate our patented SmartCells Cushioning Technology.

Finally, for healthcare staff members who are simply too mobile to enjoy the benefits of SmartCells mats, our line of Zelus Insoles provides the legendary SmartCells comfort on-the-go. You can learn more about them here:

SmartCells: Solutions to Life’s Painful Problems.