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SmartCells: The Physical Therapists Secret to Helping Patients AND Their Clinic

This year, more than 100 million Americans over the age of 18 will develop a musculoskeletal injury that lasts more than 3 months according to research conducted by the US Bone and Joint Initiative

Not only does research show that musculoskeletal injuries greatly impact one’s ability to remain productive at work, perhaps more alarming is that those with musculoskeletal conditions are 17% more likely to develop a chronic disease such as cancer, diabetes, and heart disease.

The good news is, with some physical therapy, many of these injuries can be improved. In fact, beyond injury rehabilitation, physical therapy has been found to also help with injury and illness prevention.

At SmartCells, we believe Life Shouldn’t Hurt™. This is why we have partnered with physical therapists to tailor a suite of SmartCells solutions specifically engineered to reduce impact, help prevent injuries, and deliver measurable results for patient progress and the clinic.

Here’s How SmartCells Help

Each SmartCells physical therapy solution utilizes our patented SmartCells Cushioning Technology. Our product lineup includes anti-fatigue mats to provide front desk personnel standing comfort, a Physical Therapy Mat designed by therapists to improve rehabilitation exercises, and even prefabricated off-the-shelf insoles and custom orthotics. 

The optimized design of SmartCells offer a stable surface over cylindrical cells which soften under impact and resist bottoming out. This creates the perfect balance of support and cushion, for maximum fatigue relief while minimizing the risk of musculoskeletal injuries. Using a SmartCells product allows therapists and patients to stay safe and comfortable while working to rehabilitate existing injuries.

In addition, while SmartCells solutions are specifically designed to enhance patient rehabilitation and user comfort, they also provide clinics with an effective way to generate additional revenue per session through reseller and tax credit programs. For details, visit our website by clicking below. 

SmartCells: Solutions for Life’s Painful Problems.

Let us help you find the right solution

Not sure where to start? Our customer service and sales representatives – who are just as knowledgeable about the product as the scientists who created it – would be happy to help you understand more.