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Goldilocks and the Three Bears: The Anti-fatigue Mat Edition

There is an erroneous notion in the work place that anti-fatigue mats need to be super soft to be effective.  Research has shown that this is not the case, rather, there is an optimum degree of softness (compressibility) that produces the greatest sensation of fatigue relief.

No one knows this principle better than Goldilocks.  In the story ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’ after testing porridge and chairs Goldilocks tests the comfort of three different beds;  one bed is too hard, another bed is too soft, but the third bed she tested is ‘just right’.  Although this doesn’t sound very scientific, the principle is true for anti-fatigue mats.

There are many so-called ergonomic/anti-fatigue mats whose manufacturers proclaim as being the ‘softest’, the ‘thickest’ or the ‘plushest’ in the market.   Unfortunately, being the softest is not the best as Goldilocks discovered.  A surface that is too soft can actually increase fatigue (example: try standing on your bed mattress); a surface that is too hard or bottoms-out easily may only be slightly better than standing on a concrete floor and everyone knows how painful concrete is to stand on.

According to a review of the scientific literature on the subject, we find that the ‘optimum’ softness or compressibility that produces the greatest sensation of fatigue relief is a surface that is not too hard nor too soft, but ‘just right’.  SATECH has determined that ‘Just Right’ means that the surface needs to have a compressive modulus of .6-.9 Mega Pascals (measure of pressure).  The SmartCells anti-fatigue mats and flooring are designed to be in this optimum range of compressibility; not too hard nor too soft but ‘just right.’

SmartCells anti-fatigue products are ergonomically designed and engineered to prevent and reduce pain, including back pain, associated with standing for extended periods of time. The unique SmartCells act like springs that cushion as weight is applied and then rebound when the weight shifts, which returns energy and reduces fatigue.

SATECH’s anti-fatigue products are built with industrial quality and combine features such as beveled edges and stability with style and elegance that blends perfectly in any room in the house. The SmartCells line anti-fatigue rubber mats come with an industry-leading 8-year warranty and are available in three different surface options (smooth, basket weave and carpet top) as well as three colors (Black, gray and light brown) and three sizes (2X3, 3X5 and 24X68).

SmartCells anti-fatigue: I feel good!

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