7 Tips for a Fun and Safe 4th of July

For Americans, the 4th of July is the pinnacle of summer season celebrations. When celebrating the United States’ independence a common underlying theme is bigger is better. The bigger the barbecue, the bigger the fireworks, the bigger the boom, the better.

According to statistics, nearly 74 million Americans will be barbecuing in celebration of 4th of July. In addition to an estimated 150 million hot dogs being consumed, Americans will also purchase 190 million pounds of pork/red meat and 700 million pounds of chicken in preparation of Saturday’s festivities.

Perhaps the most impressive statistic of them all is the fact that nearly $600 million will be spent on fireworks alone.

With all that food and firepower it may come as no surprise that Independence day is also the deadliest holiday of the year.

To help keep your family feeling good and out of harm’s way you may consider following these popular 4th of July tips:

  1. Have a fire extinguisher handy in case of a grill or firework mishap.
  2. Consume alcohol responsibly and keep an eye on minors. (The 4th of July is historically a popular holiday for underage drinking.)
  3. Dispose of used fireworks properly to reduce the chance of a fire
  4. If you’re taking your family to a large celebration, consider wearing unique and easily identifiable clothing to prevent getting lost in the crowd.
  5. When swimming, know your limits and keep an eye on children when close to water.
  6. Alcohol and heat are both dehydrating so make sure you drink plenty of water.
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