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Could SmartCells Insoles Be the Secret to the Easter Bunny’s Comfy Feet?

This weekend the ‘Easter Bunny’ will be delivering Easter baskets and hiding thousands of eggs worldwide.

In fact, in preparation for Easter, statistics approximate the ‘Easter Bunny’ purchased nearly 120 million pounds of Easter candy including 16 billion jelly beans and 90 Million chocolate bunnies.

We imagine after all that hopping the ‘Easter Bunny’ must have some pretty sore feet. That is, unless he is using a pair of SmartCells Anti-fatigue Insoles.

With two lines of SmartCells insoles available Standard (flat cushioning insoles) and Orthotic (heel and arch support insoles) for both Therapeutic and Active  applications the ‘Easter Bunny’ can choose the best insole for his needs.

The SmartCells standard flat style is designed for use with or without orthotics, while the Orthotic styles offer additional arch and heel support, personalized for size and tuned to the nature of the users’ activities.

For extended periods of hopping, we recommend the SmartCells Insoles Active Orthotic option.

SmartCells insoles utilize our renowned and trusted SmartCells cushioning technology that is distinguished by the array of “Smart” cells that cushion and absorb force like miniature springs, and are highly responsive to changes in pressure, so that when an individual’s weight is shifted they return their stored energy.

The SmartCells® anti-fatigue technology is significantly different than typical foam or gel products, which can break down quickly and lack critical features to optimize fatigue relief.  SmartCells insoles become softer as they are compressed and are extraordinarily comfortable as they actively adjust to body movements. This unparalleled feature is unique to any insole on the market and is just the opposite of foam, because foam gets ‘harder’ as it is compressed, and unlike gel, SmartCells are highly responsive.

SmartCells Insoles: I feel good.



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