7 Ways to Reduce Backpack Back Pain

The arrival of August is bittersweet. On one hand, here in the PNW we have scorching hot weather which makes it perfect for a dip in a cold lake fed by a mountain glacier. But, on the other hand, it means there is only one month left until school is in session and Summer is “over”. In fact, stores are already displaying the school supply lists for local schools.

These lists often include pencils, Kleenex, calculators, folders and perhaps most importantly, a backpack.

Did you know that finding the right backpack, and using it properly can make or literally break your student?

According to a 2006 study conducted by the Children’s Orthopaedic Center, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, and the Keck School of Medicine, 37% of school-aged children complained of back pain, 97% of which utilized backpacks.

The American Chiropractic Association also reported that nearly 7,000 people visit the emergency room each year due to backpack-related injuries. Further, the back pain epidemic causes Americans to spend upwards of $50 billion each year to seek back pain relief.

Luckily, there are steps you can take to reduce the likelihood of your child experiencing back pain this school year. Below you will find the top tips on how to properly use a backpack:

  • Purchase a backpack that is proportional to the intended user.
  • Make sure the backpack weighs no more than 10% of your body weight.
  • Use both shoulder straps and make sure the pack doesn’t hang too far below the waist line.
  • Wider straps reduce pain in the shoulders and back.
  • Utilize pockets to properly pack the contents of the bag.
  • If the backpack is heavy, lift with knees and face backpack when picking it up to reduce back strain.
  • Use a backpack with lumbar support

Making sure you equip your student with the proper backpack is one of many ways to ensure your student has a safe, healthy and comfortable school year.

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