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SmartCells Cyber Monday Deals You Don’t Want To Miss

Today is perhaps the best and worst Monday of the year. On the downside, it marks the end of a long holiday weekend and the start of a new, often long week at work. On the bright side today marks the end of the long Black Friday holiday shopping weekend with the 10th annual Cyber Monday.

According to, Black Friday originally started in the 1950’s in Philadelphia. For several years the term was associated with negative connotations, however, in the 1980’s retail stores were able to shake the negative connotations and it became what it is today.

Although Cyber Monday has only been around since 2005, due to its convenience it has quickly grown into a popular alternative to braving the crowds on Black Friday. In fact, 52 percent of Americans plan to do some holiday shopping on Cyber Monday.

This year enjoy great Cyber Monday deals on all online SmartCells anti-fatigue, fall protection and personal training. (Use code ‘cybermonday2015’)

With a full suite of SmartCells cushioning products to choose from they are perfect for everyone on your Christmas list.

SmartCells Anti-Fatigue

For the person who spends extended periods of time on their feet or knees, we suggest the SmartCells line of anti-fatigue mats, insoles and flooring.

SmartCells anti-fatigue mats are built with industrial quality and combine features such as beveled edges and stability with style and elegance that blends perfectly in any room in the house.

The unique SmartCells act like springs that cushion as weight is applied and then rebound when the weight shifts, which returns energy and reduces fatigue.

The SmartCells line of anti-fatigue rubber mats come with an industry-leading 8-year warranty and are available in three different surface options (smooth, basket weave and carpet top) as well as three colors (Black, gray and light brown) and three sizes (2X3, 3X5 and 24X68).

If they are simply too mobile to enjoy the benefits of a SmartCells anti-fatigue mats, there is also a line of SmartCells anti-fatigue standard and orthotic insoles.

SmartCells Personal Training

SmartCells Personal Training products are the perfect gift for those who love to stay active and want to stay comfortable and feeling good in the process.

SmartCells Personal Training products can reduce impact stress on joints by up to 90% while at the same providing a safe, stable surface for workouts.

Available in three different colors (Black, Light Brown, and Grey) as well as three different sizes (36”X60”, 52”X60”, 52”X88”), the remarkable SmartCells Personal Training mats are low profile (1/2”) and have molded-in beveled edges. For custom applications, SATECH offers custom-sized mats as well as a wall-to-wall flooring option that is perfect for in-home gyms, and aerobics flooring.

To unload impact stress on-the-go, SmartCells Personal Training Insoles easily slip into most shoes and come in two styles: a Standard flat style, for use with or without orthotics, as well as an Active Orthotic style that offers arch and heel support, personalized for size and designed for impact-related activities.

SmartCells Fall Protection

SmartCells fall protection mats and flooring is the perfect gift for those who wish to age-in-place and maintain safe independence.

The dual-stiffness structure of SmartCells fall protection products provides users with a stable standing surface that will not cause a balance impaired person to lose their balance, while at the same time providing 5-7 times more cushioning than a foam mat of the same height.

SmartCells cannot absorb liquid, so infection control issues can be more effectively dealt with, too.

SmartCells Fall Protection products are available to be used as an underlayment or in a variety of colors (Black, Light Brown, and Grey) and additional configurations ranging from build-your-own mats and custom flooring to pre-sized mats (2×3, 3×5 and 24×68).

SmartCells Cushioning Technology: The gift of peace and comfort!

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