Infection Control: There’s More to Fall Protection Mats Than Meets the Eye

Several weeks ago, we blogged on the topic that not all fall protection products are made equal. This week our goal is to go more in depth about the dangers of using subpar fall protection mats and flooring and how SmartCells Fall protection product reduce the risk of infections.

The US Center for Disease Control reports that every day, about 1 in every 20 hospitalized patients has an infection caused by receiving medical care.

Ultimately, the goal of any health care organization is to provide the safest and most sterile environment to effectively aid in the rapid recovery of their patients. However, the use of subpar fall protection mats and flooring can negatively affect that outcome.

SmartCells fall protection mats will NOT absorb liquid which reduces the risk of infection.

Take for instance, manufacturers that produce fall protection mats or flooring that are primarily made using foam. These so-called fall protection mats create a multitude of complications for users including: unstable surfaces to walk on, make it difficult to roll wheel chairs and other medical equipment across them, are heavy and awkward to move, and worse, they absorb liquid.

Another important note to realize is that, once these foam “fall protection” mats do absorb liquid they become a risk to the patient and health care provider due to the increased risk of infection, therein becoming useless and a financial burden to replace.

As most of you may know, the range of bodily fluids and chemicals that have the potential of being spilled on the floor in a health care setting is high and finding a mat that will not absorb liquid is of utmost importance.

SmartCells Fall protection mats and flooring not only provide patients with protection from falls but they also provide a stable walking surface that easily allows wheeled equipment to roll over and more importantly, will never absorb liquid and are easy to clean when liquid is spilled on them.

Cleaning a SmartCells fall protection mat is as easy as cleaning and disinfecting a regular floor. SmartCells fall protection mats and flooring can be swept, mopped, or vacuumed just like a regular floor and can be disinfected using the appropriate dilution of TASKI NDC, a concentrated pH neutral detergent/disinfectant cleaner or OXIVER to provide one-step, no-rinse cleaning. These cleaners are EPA registered hospital grade disinfectants that provide protection against bacteria/virus/fungus/mildew. It is also okay to use a dilute bleach (Sodium Hypochlorite) solution or an alcohol-based solution.

SmartCells Fall protection mats are also available in a rubber formulation that is autoclave safe in temperatures reaching no more than 250 degrees Fahrenheit.

Finally, SmartCells wall-to-wall flooring can provide a sealed surface that prevents liquid from passing through to the subfloor.

With excellent warranty periods, SmartCells Fall Protection mats and flooring will give you financial peace of mind and will be there for your loved ones when you can’t be.

-By Lincoln Hollis