8 Safety Features Every Aging-in-Place Home Needs

The last of the baby boomer generation is set to exit the workplace in the next few years and statistics show that the trend known as, aging-in-place, will continue to increase.

In fact, a study conducted by the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) found that as of 2011 only a little over 5% of the 65+ population occupied nursing homes, congregate care, assisted living facilities, and board-and-care homes.

This trend of aging-in-place has raised concerns among health care officials and younger loved ones regarding the safety and mobility of this increasingly independent yet vulnerable retired generation.

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The ability to healthily and safely age-in-place is most successful when seniors have the support of loved ones and living quarters that have been strategically designed to increase safety and mobility and reduce the risk of a possible injury.

As our elderly loved ones continue to age their eye sight, balance and flexibility tend to decrease. In an effort to help prepare seniors to safely age independently AARP compiled this list of the most important safety features to utilize in one’s desired place to age:

  • Non-slip floor surfaces (SmartCells Fall protection)
  • Bathroom aides such as grab bars
  • A personal alert system that allows people to call for help in emergencies
  • Entrance without steps
  • Wider doorways
  • Lever-handled doorknobs
  • Higher electrical outlets
  • Lower electrical switches

Of all these safety features, 80% of retired people claim safety features such as non-slip floor surfaces are the most important upgrade to a home being used for aging-in-place.

SmartCells fall protection mats and flooring not only provide a safe, stable non-slip surface for elderly loved ones to walk across but they also provide cushion in case of a slip or fall.

The unique SmartCells fall protection technology utilizes what is known as dual-stiffness flooring because it provides the stability of being on a hard surface while also retaining the capability to compress like springs which cushion falls and protects our loved ones.

SmartCells fall protection mats combine style and quality with features like beveled edges, which reduce tripping hazards and allow wheeled objects such as wheel chairs to easily roll over the mat, and anti-slip surfaces, to provide a safe and elegant alternative to many other fall protection and prevention products.

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