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New Year, New Solutions to Help Reduce the Risk of Fall-Related Injuries

Falling may not seem as big of a deal as Cancer, but it truly is. More than a third of older adults experience a fall. In fact, among adults aged 65 and above, falls are responsible for most injury-related deaths and are a leading cause of injuries and hospital admissions. Furthermore, falling once doubles the likelihood of a second fall.

Falls are going to happen. They are common and more frequent than we would like to think. This is why SmartCells is committed to helping reduce fall related injuries. Here are some simple solutions to help reduce your risk of injury.

Solution 1: Establish and maintain a good balance, strength, and exercise program. 

It is recommended that adults, seniors, and at-risk patients, continue to stay physically active. According to Physical Therapist, Lora Stutzman, of Johns Hopkins Rehabilitation Network, exercise can help build muscle tone and strength, while improving balance  including walking and yoga to your routine, can be a great way to improve cardiovascular health. 

Stutzman recommends some easy and effective balance and strengthening exercises include balancing for about 30 seconds with your feet together, feet apart, and on one foot. Once you have mastered 30 seconds try increasing it to 45 and so on. In regards to strengthening exercises, sit-to-stand movements seem to be simple and supportive. By utilizing a sturdy table and a chair, practice lowering yourself up and down slowly and steadily. Make sure to engage your glutes and focus on shifting your weight in your feet. Note, for older adults activities that involve squatting, standing up from a chair, or walking may be difficult. Please make sure that you consult your physician or physical therapist first before trying these exercises out.

Solution 2: Be proactive about preventing fall injuries.

Preventing fall-related injuries is easy if you can prevent the fall…but the reality is, falls still will continue to happen. This is exactly the reason that SmartCells has engineered a mat and flooring solution to help be proactive in reducing fall related injuries.

Our products are available in pre-sized or custom area mats, and complete wall-to-wall applications for total fall protection coverage. Our cushioned flooring solutions take the guesswork out of fall protection and will not absorb liquids, virtually eliminating any infection control risk. SmartCells Fall Protection flooring can be used as a standalone system or a cushioned subfloor under sheet vinyl or carpet tiles, providing many design options for any living space.

We believe that Life Shouldn’t Hurt, especially falling at the start of this new year. SmartCells gives you peace of mind knowing your loved one is safe, no matter when or where they fall.

SmartCells: Falls Happen. Injuries Don’t Have To.


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