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SmartCells Fall Protection Products Featured in European Showcase

SmartCells Fall Protection: We’ll Be There When You Can’t

SATECH, Inc. is pleased to announce that the full line of SmartCells Fall Protection products are being featured in Europe’s Healthy Aging and Public Procurement of Innovation (HAPPI) Showcase.

The HAPPI Project, funded by the European Commission and DG Enterprise, was designed to connect European health procurers with innovative and sustainable solutions and products that improve and promote aging well.

Aging-in-place is the current term that best characterizes the trend by aging individuals and their families toward living and being cared for at home, rather than in retirement communities or care facilities.  This increase in desire to age-in-place has brought to light many concerns senior care professionals have for an at-risk population choosing to remain at home. By far, the most highlighted concern is that of safety and fall prevention.

In 2010, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) reported that 65% of senior citizens who fell were treated in emergency rooms for fall-related injuries. That’s an astonishing 2.3 million senior citizens.

Fall-related injuries pose a serious risk for the senior population and at times can turn fatal. In fact, the CDC also found that “approximately 20% of older adults hospitalized for a hip fracture die within a year and about 50% will suffer a major decline in independence.”

“It’s appropriate that resources and discussions are directed to fall prevention,” says Al Shelley, Marketing Director at SATECH, Inc., “but the reality is that in spite of all our precautions, fall still occur.  The conversation needs to broaden to include not just fall prevention, but injury prevention.

SATECH Inc.’s line of SmartCells Fall Protection products helps prevent falls, as well as injuries from falls.  The unique structure of SmartCells, also known as dual-stiffness flooring, provides users with a stable standing surface that will not cause a balance impaired person to lose their balance, while at the same time provide significant cushioning if a fall does occur.

Comparative studies and research indicate substantial reduction in fall-related injuries such as contusions and skin tears when using SmartCells fall injury prevention mats and flooring.

SmartCells Fall Protection mats combine effectiveness with style and quality, including features like a low profile height (1/2”) and molded-in beveled edges which reduce tripping hazards and allow most wheeled objects to roll over the mat, without needing to move it out of the way.

SmartCells Fall Protection products are made of latex-free rubber that will not absorb liquids, which reduces the risk of contamination and infection and allows them to be easily cleaned.  Independent testing, using widely accepted protocols (ATSM F355 – 10a) indicates that SmartCells cushioning technology is 2 – 4 times more effective at attenuating impact forces than other products that are nearly twice as thick.

SmartCells Fall Protection products are available in a variety of colors (Black, Light Brown, and Grey) and configurations ranging from build-your-own mats and custom flooring to pre-sized mats (2×3, 3×5 and 24×68).

As is illustrated by the HAPPI Project, injury prevention is a worldwide issue where SmartCells has become an important solution provider.

In celebration of the Holiday Season, SATECH is offering a 10 percent discount on all SmartCells Fall Protection and Anti-fatigue products through their online retail store.

SATECH Inc. is a technology company that specializes in the development and marketing of SmartCells cushioning solutions that enhance performance, reduce fatigue and help prevent fall-related injuries. SmartCells mats and flooring have broad application in the industrial workplace, healthcare markets, and everyday consumer households. For more information, please call (360) 748-8711, visit or view the following video: .


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