Beware: Not All Fall Protection Products Are Equal

According to the Center for Disease Control, 1 in 3 seniors over the age of 65 will fall this year and 20-30% of those who fall suffer moderate to serious injuries. These falls cost roughly $30 billion annually.

Finally, 95% of hip injuries are due to a fall. Among health care professionals it is often said that a hip fracture is the beginning of an elderly loved ones rapid demise.

So, how can we protect our elderly loved ones from the inevitable?

The answer lies with fall protection mats and flooring. There are a variety of fall protection products available to the everyday consumer but not all fall protection products are created equal.

SmartCells fall protection products can be used under vinyl and carpet to reduce tripping hazards.

For instance, there are several manufacturers that produce fall protection mats made from foam.  Not only do these mats create an unstable surface for our loved ones to walk on, increasing the chances of a fall, but they also can soak up liquids, which can increase the likelihood of infections.

Unlike foam-based fall protection products, that may be haphazardly designed and lack research support, SmartCells fall protection products have been scientifically designed, and have been the center of several key studies at universities and senior care facilities.

Dr. Frank Knoefel recently conducted a retrospective study in which he and his associates compared the frequency of hip fractures that resulted from residents living in rooms with regular hard surface flooring to residents living in rooms equipped with SmartCells fall protection flooring.

The study found a 2.4% fracture rate among residents living in rooms with regular flooring, while the SmartCells fall protection floor resulted in a 0% fracture rate among its residents.  Research continues to gain statistical confidence in these findings.

The unique SmartCells technology incorporates a dual-stiffness design that provides the stability of a hard surface while also retaining the capability to compress and cushion the impact of a fall.

SATECH, Inc. SmartCells fall protection products include bedside mats, which have a low profile and beveled edges, enabling wheel chairs to easily roll over them.  In addition to bedside mats, SATECH, Inc. also offers custom fall protection flooring to fill any space or partial room when a single bedside mat is not large enough.

SmartCells Fall Protection products will be there for your loved ones when you can’t.