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Podcast: SmartCells’ Solutions Are Making Seniors Safer


Bryce Betteridge, CEO of SmartCells, was recently featured on a Podcast all about senior care to highlight how his company is helping prevent fall-related injuries in seniors.

SmartCells is a unique cushioning technology that was essential in the legislation on playground safety for children, and that is now also widely utilized by fortune 500 companies as their anti-fatigue solution for standing workers.

However, when Bryce’s aging mother-in-law took a fall, a lightbulb went off in his head.

“We realized that, here, we had this company that I’m running that could provide some protection for her if she should fall again,” Betteridge said.

She did suffer another fall but had her injuries mitigated by the SmartCells technology, later passing of unrelated causes.

Sadly, the story of overcoming a fall is not what many senior adults in the United States experience.

“Falls are the leading cause of death from injuries amongst seniors over the age of 65. Accidental happenings, falls and injuries, are the leading cause of accidental death for those over 65,” Betteridge said. “That’s a huge statistic. If you do fall, 20% of those who do fall and break a hip or suffer a traumatic brain injury pass away within six months.”

With SmartCells cushioning technology, however, the falls are less likely to result in an injury that could lead to other complications or something more serious. The cushioning can be placed under several types of flooring to help protect seniors from injuries resulting from a fall.

Today, many care centers are installing SmartCells in Resident’s rooms, or families with loved ones are opting to do their own installation at home to help protect mom or dad as they age in place.

SmartCells Fall Protection: Falls happen, but Injuries Don’t Have To.

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