7 Exercises to Burn Off the Easter Candy

Let’s face it. Dieting and exercising is tough enough, but throw a holiday into the mix and you have the perfect storm. It surely doesn’t help that Easter is only second to Halloween as far as candy consumption goes.

In fact, according to statistics nearly 71 million pounds of candy is consumed over the Easter weekend and following weeks. Some statistics point out that this candy consumption typically equates to an additional 8,000 calories consumed per individual over the holiday weekend.

To combat this perfect dietary storm and burn off excess calories consumed over the weekend we have compiled a list of simple exercises you can do this week.

Body Weight Squats

These can be done anywhere and anytime. You could even do a set of squats during a commercial break of your favorite weeknight television show.

A Brisk Walk

Now that Spring weather is here and the sun sets later a brisk evening walk is a viable option to get your blood pumping and easily burn calories.

Plyometric Workouts

Much like body weight squats; Plyometric exercises can be done anywhere and are easily tailored to your fitness abilities.


After a long holiday weekend filled with food, family and travel a relaxing yoga session can help burn calories and reduce your stress level.

Circuit Training

If you have a gym membership, Circuit training is a great way to build physical strength as well as cardiovascular endurance.

Go Dancing

Although disguised as a fun night on the town, dancing is a great way to burn calories and have fun doing it.

Do Yard work

Gardening, weeding, and mowing the lawn are all great ways to be productive and burn off holiday food at the same time.

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