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SmartCells: The Cure for the Sedentary Office

The Issue:

Humans are not sedentary creatures, but modern televisions, computers and automobiles have forced people to spend far longer sitting down than standing up. This has serious consequences for the weight, posture and ultimately lifespan of many individuals. This infographic explains the sad truth about the amount of time we all spend sitting on a daily basis. To learn more about why sitting isn’t the best idea and what you can do about it at check out this article we found on why sitting is killing you.

With that being said, standing too long on the wrong surface can also be dangerous.

The Smart(Cells) Solution:

SmartCells® Cushioning Technology mats, flooring and insoles are ergonomically engineered and specifically developed to help you feel great, and meet your health, safety and productivity needs.

Learn more about how SmartCells can be incorporated into your office at .

Let us help you find the right solution

Not sure where to start? Our customer service and sales representatives – who are just as knowledgeable about the product as the scientists who created it – would be happy to help you understand more.