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The SmartCells Solution to Reduce the Risk of Workplace Foot Injuries

While foot injuries may seem trivial compared to other workplace injuries, numbers from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics indicate otherwise.

In 2018 alone, there were more than 55,000 foot injuries reported in the workplace. 

These injuries not only hurt employees, they also harm workplace  productivity. Employees who suffered from a foot injury spent an average of 8 days away from work immediately following that injury. When employees did return many had ongoing issues and worked in pain which caused a loss of productivity while on-the-job.

The pain for employees and organizations doesn’t stop there. Sore and injured feet have been connected to an increased risk of workplace slips, trips, and falls which cost companies more than $967.9 Billion annually. That’s a lot of lost productivity.

But there’s good news. 

Reducing your workforce’s risk of foot pain and injuries can be simple and cost-efficient.

That’s where SmartCells comes in.

The SmartCells Industrial Insole is the perfect solution for active workers who are always on their feet or for workers who are prone to foot injuries. 

Featuring SmartCells® Cushioning in the heel and forefoot, these insoles significantly reduce impact forces and return energy back to your body. The additional layers provide a cushioned arch support and add a soft yet sturdy top cover to keep your workforce comfortable throughout the day. 

To start reducing your workforce’s risk of foot injuries today, click the button below. (We even offer company-wide insole programs.)

Who are we and what are SmartCells?

At SmartCells, we believe that “Life Shouldn’t Hurt”™. This belief guided us to engineer our unique SmartCells™ Cushioning Technology which has been optimized to provide an energizing responsiveness in a soft, yet stable surface. Standing on this patented design results in an exhilarating feeling of fatigue relief.

This advanced cushioning technology consists of a rubber top layer supported by a matrix of cylindrical columns that compress and respond dynamically to surface pressure, which allows SmartCells to provide maximum fatigue relief.

From pre-sized mats, runners, wall-to-wall and custom flooring applications to our revolutionary SmartCells Industrial Insoles, each SmartCells solution is specifically designed to relieve fatigue in standing workers, no matter where they work.

SmartCells: Solutions for Life’s Painful Problems.

Let us help you find the right solution

Not sure where to start? Our customer service and sales representatives – who are just as knowledgeable about the product as the scientists who created it – would be happy to help you understand more.