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Your Guide to a Successful Spring Garden

The warmer days and milder nights are finally here, which means garden season is upon us just in time to celebrate National Garden Month.

This month marks the 15th annual celebration of National Garden Month, which originally started as National Garden Week in April 1986. Each week during the month of April the National Gardening Association focuses on a specific topic regarding gardening. Since many of us at SATECH enjoy the serenity and stress relief of gardening we figured we would celebrate National Garden Month by sharing our favorite Spring gardening tips and tricks.

Prep Your Space
Whether you are starting from scratch or reviving last year’s garden, prepping the land is one of the most important steps. Remove all weeds by the roots, dead leaves, or any remaining debris from winter. If you still have live plants from a winter garden, make sure to prune them to keep them healthy and encourage Spring growth. Finally, you will want to prep the soil for new plants. Tilling your space is a great way to aerate the dirt and revitalize the moisture. Don’t forget to add mulch to your newly prepped space.

Plant Your Crop
Picking the right plants for your plant hardiness zone will help ensure the success of your garden. You can find the zones here. Some common Spring garden plants include Pansies, Tulips, Snapdragons and Lilacs. If you are interested in vegetable gardening then you will want to consider lettuce, spinach, peas and arugula.

Baby Your Plants
Once you have chosen and planted your crop it is time to baby them. Not only do you need to make sure they get plenty of water and nutrients, you will need to keep the area weeded and pruned so that your new plants don’t get choked out by old growth. There are several inexpensive and natural ways to keep your plants healthy in the Spring. For example, coffee grounds are great fertilizer, cooking water from boiling noodles, rice and etc. is a great way to give the plant nutrients, chamomile helps ward off plant infections and egg shells help reduce root rot. Finally, don’t forget to remove deadheads near the end of Spring.

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Happy Gardening!

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