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The Delivery Dilemma: How SmartCells Helps Mobile Workers Stay Safe and Comfortable

“Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds. “ – United States Postal Service Motto

These aren’t just words to the USPS, they live them everyday. In fact, on any given day, the USPS delivers an average of 390.7 million pieces of mail!

While most mail is delivered by vehicle these days, more than 75,000 letter carriers drive to neighborhoods then deliver mail on foot, and nearly 7,000 carriers deliver mail entirely on foot each day.

Beyond the letter carriers on the front line, there are thousands of postal service workers behind the scenes who sort the mail; standing in long assembly lines in USPS sorting centers all across the country.

These long hours spent delivering mail are not only exhausting, they are painful and can lead to musculoskeletal injuries as well as a significant loss of productive time.

Considering the potential loss of productivity and the fact that people rely on the postal service for timely delivery, the USPS reached out to our ergonomic experts here at SATECH, Inc. for help implementing a SmartCells Anti-Fatigue Solution.

Keep reading to learn how these ergonomically designed rubber mats helped the USPS, and how they can help your workforce and bottomline as well.

Designed with the belief that Life Shouldn’t Hurt™, our suite of Anti-Fatigue solutions all utilize the unique SmartCells Cushioning Technology.

The optimized design of SmartCells offer a stable surface over cylindrical cells which soften under impact and resist bottoming out. This creates the perfect balance of support and cushion, for maximum fatigue relief; effectively reducing the risk of musculoskeletal injuries while helping improve employee productivity. 

SmartCells Cushioning is available in a variety of anti-fatigue solutions ranging in size from individual employee mats to extended workstation runners, and custom flooring applications. We even offer different colors, rubber formulations, and surface options to best meet your organization’s unique needs. All we need are your dimensions and we can build it for you.

For mobile workforces where a SmartCells mat or floor isn’t a good option, we’re proud to offer our SmartCells Anti-fatigue Industrial Insole.

This insole is the perfect solution for on-the-go fatigue relief. Featuring SmartCells® Cushioning in the heel and forefoot, these insoles significantly reduce impact forces and also return the energy back to your body. The additional layers provide a cushioned arch support and add a soft yet sturdy top cover to keep every employee comfortable throughout the day.

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SmartCells: Solutions for Life’s Painful Problems.

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