Novice to Professional – Everything You Need to Take Your Running to the Next Level

Whether you are a savvy runner looking for professional training tips, or a beginner looking for motivation to get started with a new workout routine we hope we covered it for you in our running series here at the SmartCells Cushioning Technology blog.

In case you missed anything, here are the links to our series.

Put Your Best Foot Forward: An 8 Part Series on Feeling Your Best While Running

5 Tips for Training Like a Professional Athlete by Suzanne Gainey

How to Get Started Running for People Who “Can’t” by Suzanne Gainey

The Secret to Enjoying Lifelong Running by Bryce Betteridge

How to Completely Change the Way You Think About Running by Ashley Baker

How to Stay Motivated to Run When You Don’t Want To by Lincoln Hollis

7 Effective Stretches for Runners by Suzanne Gainey

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