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SmartCells’ Top 5 Safety Tips for National Safety Month 2021

Do you remember much about the first day at your current job?

Most of it was likely a blur, but chances are, you at least remember bits and pieces of your first on-the-job safety training video.

We’ve all seen them. These low budget, safety videos that are reminiscent of 1980s as-seen-on-tv infomercials are almost a rite of passage in the professional world. 

Despite how common sense most safety training seems to be, it does help. In fact, in the 51 years since President Nixon signed into law the Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) Act, workplace non-fatal injury rates have dropped from 10.9 cases per 100 full-time equivalent workers in 1972 to 2.8 cases in 2018.

While this decrease in workplace injuries is great, there is still work to be done. Which is why June is National Safety Month.

Here at SATECH, Inc. we believe that life shouldn’t hurt, and the topics of safety awareness, injury prevention, and fatigue reduction are near and dear to us. So, we thought we would take this chance to share our top 5 workplace safety tips for 2021.

1. The Best Workstation is a Clean and Organized One

Keeping workstations clean and clutter free is an important first step in increasing workplace safety. Clutter-free walkways and work areas not only help reduce the risk of a slip, trip, and fall, they also help increase worker productivity.

2. Avoid Shortcuts

We get it, sometimes there are faster ways to get the job done by taking shortcuts. The problem is, many times, the timely procedures were put in place to prevent workplace injuries. When you are tempted to take a shortcut, ask yourself if the time saved is worth the risk of injury. It usually is not.

3. Be Open Minded

In some instances, there can be a disconnect between the EHS team and the crew working on the job. Opening up the safety discussion to allow input from employees of all levels can create an inclusive environment and often helps fill gaps in an organizational health and safety plan.

4. Take Your Breaks

It is no secret that working for long periods of time without taking a break is risky. Not only is it fatiguing both mentally and physically, this fatigue leads to an increased risk of workplace accidents. This is why, by law, in an 8-hour shift workers should be allotted two 10-15 minute breaks and a lunch break.

5. Keep Good Posture
Whether you’re sitting at a desk or in a warehouse lifting boxes, maintaining good posture and proper ergonomic form will help reduce your risk of a workplace injury.

Bonus Tip: Use SmartCells Anti-fatigue Products

SmartCells Anti-Fatigue products are ergonomically designed and engineered to prevent and reduce pain, including back pain, associated with standing for extended periods of time. 

The unique SmartCells technology provides a stable, supportive surface that cushions as weight is applied, then rebounds, like a spring, when the weight shifts, which returns energy and reduces fatigue.

SmartCells Anti-Fatigue technology is available in pre-sized mats for single workstations or as a custom flooring solution designed to meet the needs of your specific environment.

In addition, for mobile workforces where a SmartCells mat or floor isn’t a possibility, we now offer SmartCells Anti-fatigue Insoles.

This insole is the perfect solution for on-the-go fatigue relief. Featuring our patented SmartCells® Cushioning in the heel and forefoot, these insoles significantly reduce impact forces and also return the energy back to your body. They also provide a cushioned arch support to keep every employee comfortable throughout the day.

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