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SmartCells Training Solutions: An All New Way to Help Reduce Overuse Injuries

As the year 2020 stretches on a pattern starts to form through all of the chaos. When one part of a system is weakened or damaged that injury affects everything else. We are forced to shift and adjust to try and make improvements on something that is already in pain. 

However, if the area where the structure is weakest receives the support that it needs early on then the whole system can be saved. The same happens when an athlete suffers an injury that could have been prevented.

According to the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) there are 8.6 million injuries a year for athletes with the majority of them being lower extremity injuries. When athletes come back after being on a break their bodies take time to get re-conditioned to the peak of their athletic performance. One way for athletes to limit the risk is to have the best equipment that supports their active lifestyle.

Here at SmartCells we have a new way to save an athlete’s body from overuse injuries throughout the course of a season.

Zelus Insoles take SmartCells Cushioning Technology and strategically place it under the foot, where high impact takes place. They were designed at Fastech Labs who have worked with athletes, Physical Therapists, and Athletic Trainers for over 30 years. The combination of Zelus’ molded arch and SmartCells cushioning provides the perfect blend of support and cushion athletes need to stay healthy and active.

Our best high performance insole, the Olympus Pro, now has it’s sidekick that is nearly half the weight, with focused cushioning support for all athletes looking to prevent injuries this upcoming season.

Introducing… The Olympus LITE!

The Olympus PRO and LITE are here to prevent injuries in the athletic community with their complete support and cushioning winning combination. Try your first pair of the Olympus LITE by clicking below, and start protecting your most important asset: your body!


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