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Unique From The Ground Up – The SmartCells Difference

In the search for an anti-fatigue flooring solution to boost employee quality of life and, by extension, your bottom line? Then there are several options out there.

Foam and gel solutions exist, and you may be familiar with their applications in other industries and products – but are they the best choice for anti-fatigue mats and flooring?

Let’s take a look at how the two stack-up to SmartCells proprietary rubber cushioning technology.

The Shortcomings of Gel and Foam

There are a variety of factors to consider when looking to purchase anti-fatigue mats and flooring solutions, including stability, cushioning, responsiveness, durability and more.

To begin, let’s explore how different materials react when compressed.

In the case of foam, the material becomes harder and doesn’t immediately rebound to its original shape – meaning that performance is lost, and a beneficial return of energy can’t be achieved. It also provides little to no support and often bottoms out, making it as if there were no cushioning at all.

Finally, because it is lightweight, mats made of foam are prone to shifting, curling, and buckling, all of which contribute to a shorter lifespan for the solution.

Gel experiences similar problems. Gel shifts out of the way when compressed, leaving no support underneath and negating any potential benefits. Like foam, it’s also slow to respond or return to its original shape, and may also experience edge curling, and surface covering delamination issues.

In short, neither of these solutions meets all the needs for which they were designed.

The SmartCells Difference

SmartCells’ unique rubber cushioning technology, however, provides real benefits by integrating a rubber surface layer with an underlying array of cylindrical rubber cells that soften in response to surface pressure.

This means that SmartCells solutions get softer when compressed, not harder, providing the perfect balance of resilience and cushioning to immediately spring back into shape.

SmartCells anti-fatigue solutions provide an energizing return in phase with body movements and resist bottoming out, maintaining performance under stress.

Further, SmartCells solutions are industrial quality and are built to resist curling and buckling, coming with an eight-year warranty that guarantees the solution provides the longevity it’s designed for.

SmartCells has achieved the perfect combination of cushioning, stability, and responsiveness, leading the way in anti-fatigue solutions that simply get results.

To learn more, contact SmartCells today at or 360-748-8711.

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