4 Exercises to Work-Off Thanksgiving Dinner

We’re down to the final countdown. 2 more days till we feast on cranberries, turkey and everything in between. This once a year feast is almost always followed by a full belly and nap on the couch, especially due to the turkey.

In fact, word on the street is that the average American consumes nearly 4500 calories on Thanksgiving day alone. If you’re anything like us, these calories leave you in an uncomfortable and cathartic state.

It’s no surprise that with all the good food, holiday parties, shopping and lack of good weather the holiday season gets a bad reputation for being a season of weight gain.

To help you get through the holiday season guilt free while still enjoying holiday treats we took it upon ourselves to find some great exercises.

Deep Clean

If you’re hosting a Thanksgiving meal you most likely are already planning on doing this. Intensely cleaning your house is a two-for-one deal, you get a chore done plus it is a great workout. According to health professional, even a cleaning activity like vacuuming burns up to 240 calories an hour. Imagine what scrubbing your floors and bathroom would burn.


Holiday parties, cooking and shopping can be really stressful. Taking some quiet time to breathe and stretch will help burn calories and effectively reduce your stress.

Skip Cyber Monday

Even though it may be a little inconvenient, skipping online shopping and opting to go to a local mall is a great way to get your holiday shopping and some walking in. Many malls also have “mall-walks” which allow you to stay dry and warm while getting some exercise.

Work Your Core

Core body workouts such as sit-ups, planks, jumping jacks and push-ups are a great way to burn calories, build muscle and reduce stress. These workouts can easily and safely be done inside and without going to the gym.

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