The Secret to Optimal Health From a 96-year-old Athlete

Being healthy might not be much of a secret at all, as we have learned from one of the oldest athletes on the planet.  Charles Eugster, 96, is a runner, body-builder, public speaker, writer, rower and wakeboarder.  He was 87 years old when he realized his body was deteriorating and instead of settling for his muffin-top, he did something about it.  Charles began training at the gym with a former Mr. Universe and rebuilt his body from scratch.

Being healthy doesn’t have to be limited by age or circumstance.  You can choose to be active at any age.  SmartCells Cushioning Technology offers a suite of ergonomically engineered performance flooring, mats and insoles that help you feel good every step of the way.  Whatever your goals may be, SmartCells Personal Training products can reduce impact stress on joints by up to 90%, while at the same providing a safe, stable surface for workouts.

Available in three different colors (Black, Light Brown, and Grey) as well as three different sizes (36”X60”, 52”X60”, 52”X88”), the remarkable SmartCells Personal Training mats are low profile (1/2”) and have molded-in beveled edges. For custom applications, SATECH offers custom-sized mats as well as a wall-to-wall flooring option that is perfect for in-home gyms, and aerobics flooring.

To unload impact stress on-the-go we also offer a line of SmartCells Personal Training Insoles. SmartCells personal training insoles easily slip into most shoes and come in several styles that offer arch and heel support.  SmartCells Insoles are personalized for size and designed for standing and walking as well as impact-related activities.

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