SmartCells Keep Flaggers Comfortable All Year Long

Depending on what you do for a living, the arrival of Summer can be a welcomed event or dreaded occasion.

For many, it signifies vacation, pool time, the beach, and road trips. But for some, specifically road construction workers, it could mean long hours spent standing in the sun.

Not only can this be hot, it can also be dangerous.

According to a recent AAA survey, more than 90 million Americans plan to hit the open highway for a road trip this year. With so many people traveling on the road, the risk posed to construction workers is fairly high.

In fact, recent data from the US Department of Transportation shows that road work zone crashes occur at a rate of once every 5.4 minutes. This includes 70 crashes a day that result in an injury and 12 crashes a week that result in at least one fatality.

As if the heat and risk of injury/death wasn’t bad enough, the long hours flaggers spend standing stationary often causes musculoskeletal stress on the feet, legs and back.

That’s where the SmartCells Flagger Safety mat comes in.

Built with molded in handles and safety reflectors, the portable SmartCells flagger safety mat was designed to help keep road workers comfortable while increasing their safety on the job.

In addition, the rubber-based anti-fatigue technology and industrial design of the SmartCells Flagger Safety mat means it can withstand adverse conditions without ripping or becoming waterlogged.

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