7 Ways to Increase Independence for People with Dementia

Have you ever heard someone joke about having a ‘senior moment’?

Since many elderly loved ones suffer from memory loss, people often believe memory loss and illnesses like dementia are a part of aging. While it is true that dementia is most common amongst the elderly, it is NOT considered a normal part of aging.

Dementia is a chronic, progressive syndrome that is caused by a number of brain illnesses. Like any illness, there are several different forms of dementia with the most common being: Vascular (after a stroke), Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that nearly 47.5 million people worldwide are currently living with dementia. Furthermore, according to statistics, people who suffer from dementia fall 60% more frequently than other adults.

Due to the increased risk of falls and other side effects of dementia, sufferers often experience little or no independence. This decrease in independence can cause people suffering with dementia to easily become frustrated and greatly affects their well-being.

To help combat this, here are some helpful tips from Go4Life:

  • Put frequently used items in a common place that is easily accessible by the loved one who suffers from dementia
  • Strategically place furniture to maximize open area and refrain from moving furniture after that
  • Keep walkways free of clutter
  • Have their eyes and ears checked frequently
  • Make sure you know about all side effects associated with your loved ones medications
  • Keep carpet secured and use non-slip rugs
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