Reduce Back Pain With These 10 Easy Exercises

Have you ever lifted a heavy object with your back rather than your legs or reached for an object in the wrong way and hurt your back? Chances are you probably have and you’re not alone.

According to the United States National Institutes of Health (NIH), as many as 8 in 10 people will experience some form of back pain within their lifetime.

Additionally, in the United States more than 26 million men and women aged between 20-64 experience frequent back pain and it is also the leading cause of disability among Americans aged 45 and younger.

Often times back pain can be over diagnosed or even misdiagnosed. Due to the frequency of back pain a simple search would find several sites with home remedies for back pain. In the past, rest had often been recommended for back pain, however, more and more specialists are recommending light exercise and activity.

While it is important to visit the doctor for frequent and chronic back pain sometimes a couple simple exercises can help ease back pain. According to founder and owner of GB Personal training, the following are some easy, low impact exercises that are known to reduce back pain:

  1. Yoga Squats
  2. Partial Crunches
  3. High Step
  4. Deep Lunges
  5. Forward Leg swings
  6. Hamstring Stretches
  7. Wall Sits
  8. Bridging
  9. Aerobics
  10. Decompression breathing

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