SmartCells Anti-Fatigue Mats Deliver Great Value and Support

When choosing a product in the anti-fatigue space, it’s vital to select one that will last, offering a substantial return on investment. SmartCells® offers a premium product with an eight-year warranty, delivering a much longer usage lifecycle when compared to other products that often require replacing every six months. Explore why SmartCells solutions are better than the rest. 

Anti-Fatigue Cushioning Is Critical in Many Industries

Employees that spend a lot of time on their feet should have support—support that increases productivity while decreasing the possibility of injury. There are multiple types of anti-fatigue mats that can work in a variety of settings.

Here’s a breakdown of what each of these products offers:

  • Anti-fatigue floor mats: These are ideal for workers that must stay in the same place, whether that’s running a machine on a plant floor or standing at a cash register. These mats can also be upgraded with a carpet-topped insert.
  • Anti-fatigue runners: These mats can be used for individualized work stations or to cover larger areas that see high-traffic. Custom sizes and special formulations are available depending on needs.
  • Anti-fatigue custom flooring: These products can be used in individual areas, larger spaces, or specific places such as lift trucks, ensuring workers have maximum support.
  • Anti-fatigue insoles: Fitting right into their shoes, insoles go with employees everywhere. This is especially beneficial for the worker always on the move.
  • Portable kneeling mats: For workers that spend a lot of time on their knees—mechanics, welders, maintenance staff, etc.—kneeling mats offer easy-to-use, extra cushioning.

Other products have been designed specifically to meet the needs of particular industries:

  • SmartCells anti-fatigue technology is useful throughout many areas of an airport, including ticket counters, gate podiums and counters, baggage areas, rental car agencies and security checkpoints. Mats can be installed under carpet or vinyl or as a standalone, and are part of the TSA’s architectural specification of CBRA (Checked Baggage Resolution Areas).
  • Considering most all manufacturing workers are on their feet throughout a shift, industrial usage of anti-fatigue mats is quite widespread. From individual workspaces to coverings for larger parts of the plant floor, anti-fatigue mats deliver relief.
  • In pharmacies, anti-fatigue mats are exceedingly valuable to pharmacists and technicians that stand up all day working with customers or dispensing medications. 

Comparable Products Lack Durability

Anti-fatigue mats aren’t designed equally. Some are simply better than others. For example, the longer a person stands on a foam mat, the harder the mat becomes as it is compressed. They also break down quickly, resulting in curled edges which can create a safety hazard.

Gel anti-fatigue products are also deficient in several areas. As an employee steps on to a gel mat, the gel distributes outward, leaving the person standing almost directly on the hard surface. Providing little to no relief, these less than durable products wear out easily and must be replaced frequently.

SmartCells Innovation Delivers a Better Product

At SmartCells, we’ve based our products on innovation, delivering years of comfort for employees everywhere. Built for stability, SmartCells don’t impair the user’s balance. As weight shifts, our mats become softer, cushioning impact better. When weight is removed, SmartCells mats rebound back into place, providing energy return. Proudly made in the USA, our patented technology is based on years of research and development, offering non-buckling, non-curling durability, ensuring better ROI over mats that must be laboriously and frequently replaced—providing safe, continuous support and relief to employees in a variety of industries.

At SmartCells, our team of experts mold each mat or flooring tile with precision. Find your optimal solution today by shopping our products.