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Podcast: How SmartCells is Helping Essential Businesses and Aiding in Reopening for Manufacturing Facilities


Chad Lindstrom discusses ways SmartCells is helping essential workers and businesses during the pandemic.

It’s no secret that in the battle against COVID-19, today’s heroes are those essential workers who have gone through the storm and keep working to help others and provide much-needed services.

SmartCells wanted to show their appreciation for these essential workers and contribute to their efforts. Chad Lindstrom, the VP of marketing at SmartCells, elaborated.

“We wanted to find a way to give back,” Lindstrom said. “We knew these workers’ jobs were stressful. We knew their days were jam-packed, running around on their feet all day, and that’s where our products shine. When you’re always on your feet, we help you feel better. If we could take some element of stress and pain out of their day, that would be great.”

The solution? SmartCells put together a campaign to help local healthcare facilities.

“We started right in our backyard and opened up a free mat program. It was to help healthcare facilities to reduce fatigue,” Lindstrom said.

The program proved so successful that, eventually, it was rolled out across the nation.

“We gave away more than 600 mats, and the feedback we’ve received from these hospitals and urgent care clinics made the whole experience so rewarding,” Lindstrom said.

And, as businesses begin to open up, Lindstrom sees opportunities for SmartCells to play a role in social distancing safety measures.

“We can create multiple color mats. Let’s say you have a runner that’s three feet wide, and it goes for 20 feet along a pick line in a facility. There’s a lot of employees standing along that runner utilizing our anti-fatigue technology,” Lindstrom said. “We created a technique where, every six feet, you can insert a different color. We call it our safe space solution.”

It’s another small but helpful way companies can provide safety to their employees during this unprecedented time.

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