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Podcast: The Benefits of SmartCells Solutions for Physical Therapy, Athletic Training, and Rehabilitation


Physical therapists searching for new ways to reduce the impact on athletes’ joints during rehabilitation workouts may have a new tool in their arsenal with SmartCells Cushioning Technology.

SATECH designed SmartCells’ training and therapy solutions with high-impact activities and intense training sessions in mind, from mats and customizable flooring options to therapeutic insoles.

Chad Lindstrom, VP Marketing for SATECH, Inc, stopped by the Sports and Entertainment podcast to talk about the benefits of SmartCells. And coming directly from a training session with Seattle Seahawks’ quarterback, Russell Wilson, PT and founder of Motus Specialists Physical Therapy Drew Morcos joined Lindstrom to discuss SmartCells’ benefits for his PT practice.

The original concept for the design of SmartCells was to find a way to make professional basketball safer through a flooring design under the court that would reduce the impact on players while maintaining the same surface feel and performance.

While the technology didn’t immediately head to the basketball court, it has made its way into the PT room and work areas where standing for long hours take a toll on the body.

“We do a lot with physical therapy, and we do a lot in the volleyball space, because the athletes jump and fall so much,” Lindstrom said. “The SmartCells surface takes away 90% of the impact on athletes when they land on it.”

As for Morcos, he first encountered SmartCells during a physical therapist’s conference.

“I have my own practice, Motus, so I’m always looking for new and upcoming pieces of equipment,” Morcos said. “Walking the exhibition hall, I came across this flooring mat, and it was cool. What was interesting about it is they can put any design on it that you want in terms of layout. You can do an agility ladder; you can do a Y-balance – whatever you can think of.”

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