What is the difference between Fall Prevention and Injury Prevention?

Throughout the winter months, while temperatures drop and ice and snow accumulation increases, it is common to also see an increase in conversations regarding slip and fall prevention. The ice tends to remind people about how easy and dangerous a slip or fall could be.

While slip and fall prevention is often a seasonal topic for younger generations, the unfortunate fact of the matter is that for our elderly loved ones, they face the potential dangers of slips and falls on a daily basis.

There are many great tips that can be found regarding fall prevention for our elderly loved ones but the reality is that in spite of all our precautions, falls still occur.  The conversation needs to broaden to include not just fall prevention, but injury prevention.

The statistics regarding senior citizen falls are staggering. According to the National Council on Aging, every 15 seconds, an older adult is treated in the emergency room for a fall; every 29 minutes, an older adult dies following a fall. Falls are the number one cause of fatal injuries amongst our elderly loved ones.

So, what is the difference between fall prevention and injury prevention?

The difference is SmartCells.

SmartCells build-your-own-fall protection mat

SATECH Inc.’s line of SmartCells Fall Protection products helps prevent falls, as well as injuries from falls.  The unique structure of SmartCells, also known as dual-stiffness flooring, provides users with a stable standing surface that will not cause a balance impaired person to lose their balance, while at the same time provide significant cushioning if a fall does occur.

Comparative studies and research indicate substantial reduction in fall-related injuries such as contusions and skin tears when using SmartCells fall injury prevention products.

SmartCells Fall Protection products are available to be used as an underlayment or in a variety of colors (Black, Light Brown, and Grey) and additional configurations ranging from build-your-own mats and custom flooring to pre-sized mats (2×3, 3×5 and 24×68).

SmartCells will be there for your loved one when you can’t be.