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Disinfecting, Dusting and Anti-fatigue Mats: The Importance of Cleanliness in the Workplace

Spring is right around the corner, and that means it’s about time for the annual spring cleaning.

Although spring cleaning is often something that is done in one’s own home, many companies could benefit from an annual cleaning as well.

In fact, studies have found that a clean work environment can prevent the spread of illness, reduce employee stress and anxiety, decrease the risk of workplace accidents and injuries, AND increase employee productivity and satisfaction.

Even better, when done right, maintaining a clean workspace is simple and cost effective.

Keep reading to learn our 6 tips to maintaining a clean workplace.

Develop Your Plan
Keeping a busy work environment clean can be a very daunting task and could easily destroy any productivity gained in the process. To ensure this doesn’t happen, it is important to first develop your cleaning plan. Breaking down the tasks into manageable chunks and having a clear plan of action for employees will keep the cleaning process rolling smoothly. You can even break it down into monthly, weekly, and even daily cleaning tasks to make sure everything is cleaned on a regular basis.

Devise Your Process
With large cleaning projects, the next step is to settle on a cleaning process. Cleaning experts recommend a top-down left-to-right approach. This means start with ceiling and vent cleaning then work your way down to the workbench and finally the floor. Utilizing this process will help streamline cleaning duties.

Determine Your Cleaning Supply Needs
Keeping a workplace clean takes supplies, a lot of them. Not just a box of sanitizing wipes in a centralized location. Due to COVID, we recommend keeping sanitizing wipes at every workstation so that employees can disinfect at regular intervals. In addition to determining your supply needs, it is important to provide employees with the proper PPE for each cleaning task they may encounter.

A cluttered workspace is a triple threat to your company and employees. Not only does clutter ruin productivity, it induces employee stress and anxiety as well as increases the risk of workplace injuries. The good news is that keeping a workplace clutter-free is fairly easy. Start by throwing away trash and removing anything that doesn’t need to be at the workstation, then organize the remaining items. If tools are used at the workstation, place them back in their proper storage after use. Finally, keep walkways, halls, and doorways clear of clutter to reduce tripping hazards.

Workplace dust can wreak havoc for employees; causing increased slip and fall risk as well as the potential to aggravate respiratory issues. In addition, the National Fire Protection Association has found that dust accumulation of more than 1/32 inch, or roughly the thickness of a dime, can significantly increase the likelihood of an explosion.

Don’t Wipe in Circles
When wiping down a workstation counter, many people will wipe in the motion of a circle. Doing this simply rubs the dirt around the area. Instead, cleaning experts recommend using an S-pattern when cleaning. Start in the back right of the area that needs to be cleaned and wipe side to side in an S pattern as you work your way to the front of the area.

So, what does spring cleaning have to do with Anti-Fatigue Mats, Flooring, and Insoles?

Like spring cleaning, SmartCells Anti-Fatigue Solutions are known to help increase employee comfort and productivity while reducing the risk of workplace musculoskeletal injuries.

The optimized design of SmartCells offer a stable surface over cylindrical cells which soften under impact and resist bottoming out. This creates the perfect balance of support and cushion, for maximum fatigue relief while minimizing the risk of musculoskeletal injuries; promoting employee health and wellness by allowing users to stay safe and comfortable.

In addition, keeping a SmartCells Anti-Fatigue Solution clean and safe is simple.

Thanks to the industrial quality of SmartCells anti-fatigue products, their surface is tough enough to resist the embedding of industrial debris, and can easily be swept, mopped, or vacuumed. 

Furthermore, unlike foam, the rubber SmartCells will not absorb liquid which helps reduce the risk of infections, bacteria, and foul smells. This also allows for easy thorough cleaning using soap and a pressure washer without the worry of damaging the mat.

Don’t wait for a workplace injury to start protecting your employees. Click the button below to get started with SmartCells today!

SmartCells: Solutions for Life’s Painful Problems.

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