Are Fall Protection Mats the Key to Reducing Life-Altering Injuries?

Once an adolescent starts taking their first steps they learn one of life’s earliest lessons: that falling is part of life.

As their motor skills and body strength develop, the falls become fewer and far between. However, once out of our younger years, our balance and strength begin to decline with age and the risk of falling dramatically increases.

According to statistics compiled by the Center for Disease Control’s recently released 3rd edition Fall Prevention study, “one-third of people aged 65 and older fall each year, and those who fall once are two to three times more likely to fall again.”

Additionally, the study found that falls are the “leading cause of both fatal and non-fatal injuries among older adults,” which causes our elderly loved ones loss of independence and ultimately a “reduced quality of life.”

The CDC report also clearly indicates that a broader narrative needs to be addressed.

While the focus is on how preventing falls is critical, significant and obvious, we believe that the larger issue is preventing injuries from falls.

The majority of research focuses on fall prevention, but the reality is that falls still occur. SmartCells fall protection flooring and matting technology can prevent these life-altering injuries from occurring.

To date, there have been no recorded fractures as a result of a fall on a SmartCells fall protection product.

SmartCells fall protection mats and flooring employ a unique dual-stiffness technology that provides a stable, safe surface for standing, walking, wheeling and transferring, while at the same time provide significant cushioning in case of a slip or fall.

SmartCells mats are safe, elegant and combine style and quality with molded-in beveled edges that allow wheeled objects to easily roll over them.

Constructed of material that will not absorb liquid, SmartCells mats offer a practical solution to infection control issues.

SmartCells fall-protection flooring acts as an underlayment for many choices of standard floor covering, so you won’t even know it’s there, until a fall occurs.

SmartCells Fall Protection: We’ll be there when you can’t be.