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The Two Most Dangerous Places in Your Home

Aging-in-place depends on the ability of seniors to live independently and safely.  An important aspect of preserving independence is avoiding injuries if falls occur.

Recently, we have blogged about the topic of fall protection, and discussed one of the features of the SmartCells fall protection technology that enables the use of wheeled equipment and mobility devices.  While this is critically important, it is interesting to note that in a recent study conducted by Stephen Robinovitch, professor of biomedical physiology and kinesiology at Simon Fraser University, and a team of researchers found that 80% of elderly patient falls, that occurred over the course of the study, happened when the patient was not using a mobility device such as a walker, wheel-chair or cane.

SmartCells Build-Your-Own Fall Protection Mat

Robinovitch concluded that “falls are occurring in those transition periods … when someone is going from the walker to sitting down in the dining room or getting up.”

Statistically, we know that most falls occur:

  1. Between the bed and the bathroom, and
  2. Wherever they transition from sitting to standing.

If we can accurately predict where a fall will occur, then a spot-mat (like next to a bed) is a good solution.  However, frail-fallers are not always likely to be predictable, so providing fall protection over larger areas, can be a much better solution.  In addition to SmartCells fall protection mats, the SmartCells Build-Your-Own Fall protection Mat can be configured to almost any shape and size, providing fall protection over a wide area, and also be walker / wheel friendly.

An even better solution is to use not mats, at all.  Consider SmartCells fall protection flooring.  As an underlayment beneath a soft or hard flooring material (carpet tiles or vinyl), it will be an invisible bodyguard, providing safety, security and peace of mind.

SmartCells Fall Protection: We’ll be there when you can’t be.

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