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7 Home Office Safety Tips to Stay Productive and Comfortable

Since their inception, computers have continuously revolutionized the way that we work. The technology has evolved from processing systems that take up entire rooms and have minimal power to the amazing computers in our pockets we have today (cell phones) and even cloud services.

Similarly, as technology has evolved, so has the workplace. Thanks to computers and cloud services, many companies are now offering remote positions with some even nixing a physical headquarters altogether. In fact, according to statistics, over the last 13 years there has been a 115% increase in telecommuting jobs.

Although this type of work environment provides many advantages to companies in the form of possible cost savings, the ability to hire individuals all around the globe, and flexibility for employees to maintain a healthy work-life balance, it does open up the company to possible safety and security risks.

Considering this, the week starting on the second Sunday in January was declared National Home Office Safety and Security Week (HOSS Week). During this week-long campaign, home office workers and businesses across the nation band together to raise awareness of the risks of remote work in an effort to make telecommuting a safer, more viable option in the future.

So, why is a cushioning technology company participating in HOSS week?

Not only does SATECH, Inc. personally employ several remote workers, our anti-fatigue mats and flooring solutions can be utilized to keep remote workers safe, comfortable, and productive in their home offices.

Keep reading to learn 7 ways to increase the safety, security, and comfort in your home office.

Get Organized
Being organized in your home office is a great way to ensure you remain productive and safe. Since you will likely have several pieces of electronic office equipment, we recommend untangling and organizing all of your cords and making sure you use the appropriate surge protector to reduce your risk of an electrical fire.

Lock it Up
While you may feel safe in your house, working from home has the ability to expose companies to security risks. Not only should your computer be password protected, if you have any physical documents you should utilize a locking file cabinet to ensure privacy is maintained. You may even consider a lock on your home office door if you have company on a frequent basis. Additionally, any sensitive or confidential files should be password protected and encrypted.

Don’t forget the Anti-Virus
While we are on the topic of security, make sure you stay up to date with your computer’s antivirus and firewall protection software. This will give you a much-needed extra layer of security.

Check with Your Insurance
Many remote workers assume that their homeowners or renters insurance will cover anything that happens in their residence. However, in regards to insurance, home offices can sometimes be a gray area. Make sure you check with your insurance agent to verify what is and isn’t  covered in your plan.

Back it Up
No matter how much caution you take to save your files, it only takes one technological hiccup or spilled cup of coffee to lose a file. Saving your important files to multiple locations can help safeguard you from this situation. We recommend backing up your hard drive physically and in the cloud in case something ever happens.

Keep it Clean
Keeping your home office space clean is important on many levels. Not only is a clean home office important for video meetings, it will help you stay more productive, and reduce your risk of injury due to a slip, trip or fall.

Invest in Your Comfort
Another great way to ensure you stay productive in your home office is to invest in ergonomically designed office equipment. Our remote workers find that a good chair, ergonomically placed monitors and keyboard, height-adjustable desk and SmartCells SlimLine anti-fatigue mat does the trick.

Featuring a lower profile, ⅜ inch height, and a stylish basket weave surface, the SmartCells SlimLine anti-fatigue mats utilize the same trusted cushioning technology as our industrial products but in a package that is thinner and lighter making it ideal for use as a standing desk mat.

Thanks to the optimized design of our unique SmartCells Cushioning Technology, which offers a stable surface over cylindrical cells that soften under impact and resist bottoming out, staying comfortable all day has never been easier.

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