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Falls Happen. Injuries Don’t Have To. Your Guide to Falling Safely.

Falls are inevitable. According to the Center for Disease Control expert Judy Stevens, 30-35% of people over age 65 fall each year, one in five of those falls result in  a serious injury, and 65% of those falls result in an emergency room visit.

A bone fracture, or any other fall-related injury for that matter, can be extremely dangerous and even potentially fatal. Falls are often considered “major life-altering events” in an elderly person’s life. 

While avoiding the fall in the first place is job number one, a recent article featured in the AARP Magazine, highlights that knowing how to fall correctly is an important skill. 

So how should we fall? 

Experts at Five Star Senior Living and Texas Woman’s University have provided some tips to help the aging population reduce the likelihood of an injury in case a fall were to occur. 

In the instance of a forward fall: 

  1. Hit the ground with the entire palm and forearm
  2. Turn your head to the side
  3. Breathe out and release so that you are not tense 

For falls that occur on the side:

  1. Hit the ground with the entire palm and forearm on the side that you fall
  2. Reach out for your hip with the opposite arm
  3. Tuck your chin to your chest

In the case of a backwards fall:

  1. Bend at the knees
  2. Tuck the chin
  3. Hit the ground with forearms first to absorb some of the impact that will take place.

While it is helpful to know how to fall, the ultimate solution is SmartCells Fall Protection Flooring. 

Our patented SmartCells Technology is designed to be a stable surface for normal activities that activates to provide cushioning in the event of a fall.  The scientifically engineered design provides a supportive surface that won’t impair balance or gait, but also gets softer under impact reducing up to 90% of the peak impact force from a fall. This creates the perfect surface for both support and cushioning and enables a feeling of greater independence while minimizing the risk of fall-related injuries.

SmartCells Fall Protection: Falls Happen. Injuries don’t have to. 

Let us help you find the right solution

Not sure where to start? Our customer service and sales representatives – who are just as knowledgeable about the product as the scientists who created it – would be happy to help you understand more.