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United Airlines - Houston

Anti-Fatigue - Custom Flooring
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United Airlines has quickly become a loyal customer of SATECH, Inc.. With a presence all over the world, United Airlines has ticket counters in numerous airports. Employees at these ticket counters stand on their feet for eight hours a day lifting heavy baggage and checking in customers for their flights. 

In 2017, representatives from United Airlines reached out to SATECH requesting to have SmartCells installed in Terminal C for international flights at the George Bush Intercontinental Airport located in Houston, TX.

Since this particular ticket counter area is approximately 420 sq. ft. in size, SATECH recommended the 1” SmartCells anti-fatigue flooring with yellow 3.5” rubber ramp. Upon project approval, installers from SATECH completed the custom installation for United Airlines in two evenings. The SmartCells flooring provided relief from aches and pains for United Airlines employees and addressed safety concerns over having various mats throughout the area causing a trip hazard.

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