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American Airlines - Indianapolis

Anti-Fatigue - Custom Flooring
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With more than 6500 daily flights to over 330 destinations worldwide, American Airlines is one of the largest airlines in the world. In fact, roughly 200 million passengers travel with American Airlines annually.

Being a leader in the airlines industry, American Airlines can choose any anti-fatigue solution they want. That’s why they choose SmartCells to keep their employees comfortable and safe.

In January 2018, representatives from American Airlines reached out to SATECH, Inc. to implement SmartCells Anti-Fatigue flooring for their ticket counter in Indianapolis. This specific space had a recessed carpet already installed, so our experts recommended the 1” SmartCells anti-fatigue pads with a yellow 3.5” wide safety transition ramp. 

Upon project approval an installer from SATECH traveled to Indianapolis International Airport to install 360 square feet of SmartCells in the American Airlines ticket counter. As it can be seen in the photos, the installation required some custom cutting to fit in between the baggage belt and the ticket counters. American Airlines was very excited with how the installation turned out.

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