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American Airlines – Rhode Island

Anti-Fatigue - Custom Walkway

American Airlines has been utilizing SmartCells Cushioning Technology since 2005. From mats to wall to wall flooring and custom applications they have used SmartCells at their gates, ticket counters, and along conveyor belts located in their baggage rooms.

In 2017, American Airlines staff at the Theodore F Green Airport in Rhode Island reached out to SATECH. They wanted to replace pieced together foam mats along a conveyor belt in their baggage room that were creating a tripping hazard with a custom SmartCells anti-fatigue solution.

Utilizing our 1” thick black anti-fatigue platform solution with yellow 3.5” wide ramp, we created a fully custom anti-fatigue solution that fit the desired area around the conveyor belt.

We were pleased to once again have the opportunity to provide American Airlines with a cleaner and safer anti-fatigue solution.

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