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American Airlines - West Palm Beach

Anti-Fatigue - Custom Runner
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Here at SATECH, Inc., our strength is creating custom Anti-fatigue solutions that fit unique needs.

That’s why when industry leaders such as, American Airlines, have complex anti-fatigue problems they need solved, they look to the experts at SmartCells to keep their employees comfortable and safe.

It was one of these complex issues that led to American Airlines in West Palm Beach, FL approaching SATECH in 2018. They needed to cover a platform around a ‘behind-the-scenes’ baggage carousel with black anti-fatigue flooring. However, they also needed the yellow safety border. 

To remedy this, SATECH installed 1” thick black SmartCells Anti-Fatigue pads with yellow safety tape along the perimeter. The oval shape around the baggage carousel took some creative cuts by the SATECH installers, but the end result was amazing.

The customer service manager with American Airlines was very pleased with the installation, and eager to provide her employees with comfort while standing.

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