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El Paso Airport – CBRA

Anti-Fatigue - Custom Flooring

SmartCells Cushioning Technology has been used in a wide variety of government & civilian environments in the Airports and Airlines industry including TSA checkpoints, Ticket Counters, and Checked Baggage Reconciliation Areas (CBRA).

In 2018, SATECH, Inc. completed a large installation in a CBRA Room at the El Paso International Airport. With more than 3 million travelers passing through El Paso International Airport annually, TSA personnel conducting additional screenings and hand searches in the CBRA Room spend extended periods of time on their feet and experience significant fatigue.

Since there were many conveyor belts, machines, tables, ladders, and other obstacles in this area, a SmartCells custom wall-to-wall anti-fatigue solution was needed.

The final solution for this location consisted of nearly 4000 square feet of 1” thick grey SmartCells platform flooring tiles with 3.5” black transition ramps installed in all the areas where employees walk on and off the flooring.

TSA personnel were pleased with the level of detail SATECH installation experts were able to meet as well as the increased comfort and protection SmartCells provided with this installation.

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