Fairchild Air Force Base

Department of Defense is a longtime customer of Satech. This particular installation was at Fairchild AFB located in Washington State. A representative with Fairchild AFB reached out to Satech in 2016 requesting SmartCells anti-fatigue flooring. Because this AFB was local Satech did a site visit to obtain measurements and take pictures.

In 2017 Satech installed 1” blue SmartCells pads in their pharmacy. Satech used a 12” transition at all walk on and off areas to eliminate a trip hazard. Fairchild AFB needed the installation to occur over the weekend and Satech was able to meet that request. The polyurethane coating on the SmartCells gives the floor a nice sheen finish.

The employees at Fairchild AFB were pleased with the installation and eager to feel better standing on their feet all day.