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USCG Cutter - Resolute

Anti-Fatigue - Custom Flooring

From DOD Pharmacies & TSA checkpoints to custom US Coast Guard Cutter installations & insoles for troops, SATECH, Inc. has partnered with a variety of US government entities to implement SmartCells Anti-fatigue solutions. 

Some of our most unique custom Anti-fatigue installations are on United States Coast Guard Cutters. These commissioned vessels are 65 feet or greater in length and have a crew onboard that is permanently assigned.

In 2018, SATECH was honored to retrofit a custom SmartCells Anti-fatigue solution on the USCGC Resolute. At 210 feet long, the Resolute is one of the larger cutters, and in 2010 it was used to respond to the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

Crew members aboard these cutters are typically required to stand for long periods of time in very tight quarters. This is why the USCG chooses SmartCells for their anti-fatigue solution. 

Based on the needs of the Resolute, SATECH installed 1” black anti-fatigue flooring with a static safe formula that reduces exposure to static shock. Due to the setup of the cutter there was no need for a transition as there were no walk off areas. 

However, as can be seen in the photos, with stools and poles coming from the ceiling into the ground that required perfectly cut holes, as well as ladders and odd shapes to butt up against, this installation required very intricate cuts and strict attention to detail. 

That’s why SmartCells is a perfect anti-fatigue solution for unique areas like this that require custom work. 

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