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Can new shoes help reduce the risk of falling?

As we head into the Spring and Summer months, many of us are itching to spend more time doing outdoor activities. While staying active is an important part of keeping our mind, body, and soul healthy as we age, it can also increase our risk of experiencing a fall-related injury. 

One great way to safely prepare for outdoor activities is by investing in new and correct-fitting shoes, which is especially important for Seniors who are already at a higher risk of falling. To make matters worse, costs and ramifications associated with falling are not just a one. Just like the rest of our body, our feet age as well. This means that your feet change over time, and the shoes you have from ten years ago might not fit correctly any longer.  

If not addressed, poorly fitting shoes can cause arch pain, scrunched toes, heel pain, or even a fall. If the latter takes place, it can lead to a host of fall-related injuries including fractures, sprains, concussions, traumatic brain injuries, or even chronic pain. 

Safe footwear for aging adults means that you have a snug fit with a well-fitted toe box, and a low profile broad heel. Also, make sure that those shoes are easy enough to put on and take off without struggling. 

Although new shoes can help you, your loved ones, or a patient stay stable while continuing to live independently, it doesn’t mean a fall won’t happen. But when one does, SmartCells can be there for you. 

How SmartCells Cushioned Mats & Flooring Work:

Our SmartCells Fall Protection products provide a safe flooring solution that allows users to remain independent while providing peace of mind that they are protected should a fall occur. In a recent study, it was found that SmartCells provides a 43% reduction in the rate of both major and minor fall injuries. How?

The patented structure of SmartCells mats and flooring offers a stable surface that does not impair balance or gait, but cushions under the impact of a fall to effectively reduce up to 90% of the force of that fall. It is this unique ability to provide both stability and cushioning that makes SmartCells such an effective solution to help seniors avoid life-altering situations.  

At SmartCells, we believe that Life Shouldn’t Hurt. It is this belief that drives us to help solve life’s painful problems…because falls happen, but injuries don’t have to. 

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